Tour / Visiting the Mine

Mina el Edén offers a show that you will remember for the rest of your life, to walk through its shafts and galleries, riding the train on Shaft "La Esperanza" (The hope) or to walk through the shaft "El Grillo" (the cricket) will be part of your great adventure through this mine of the XVI century.

Always joined by our prepared team of tour guides, you will listen to stories, leyends and  you will be transported deep inside our magical atmosphere full of lights, sounds and sensations, to the mining past that formed hit by hit the destiny of a town.

You will be able to admire enormous cracks that where opened with the effort of hundreds of miners, shafts flooded by the pass of time, the place of devotion and faith of the miners, rest points, passages and tools that were used to extract from the underground  a great variety of minerals.
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